Sticking With Hydrocolloid Patches.Their Pop-ularity is Well Deserved!

Updated: Apr 1

They’ve popped up everywhere, with promises to erase blemishes from your face, drawing out impurities and drying up pimples in a matter of hours. But are hydrocolloid patches really all they promise to be? Absolutely… but only if you use them correctly.

Hydrocolloid is a gelatinous substance that is commonly used in medical facilities to aid in the healing of open wounds. Hydrocolloid absorbs fluid from a lesion while also providing an ideal healing environment by keeping the area around the broken skin moist. You’ve probably seen them in your local pharmacy labelled as blister bandages. Thankfully, hydrocolloid patches have been shrunk down to mini size to use as a powerful weapon in the fight against acne.

Because they require an open wound to work their magic, by using a hydrocolloid patch on a closed comedone or deep cyst, you aren’t going to accomplish much, if anything. And they will never prevent a breakout. They are, however, a great option to use in response to a seeping blemish, or a pimple that is ready to burst. A hydrocolloid patch will draw out the impurities inside of your acne and reduce inflammation, jumpstarting the healing process. Added bonus: it creates a barrier between your zit and your fingers, stopping that absentminded picking, and preventing you from introducing more bacteria to your already clogged pores.

To get the most out of your Hydrocolloid Patches, cleanse your face thoroughly, and allow it to dry completely. Before putting on any serum or moisturizer, apply the patch to your pimple. If your skin is damp or dewy, the patch will not adhere well. We recommend applying your patch before bed, but they are so discrete that you can wear them any time of day. Leave a fresh patch on for hours at a time to give it the chance to do its job and you’ll be well on your way to magically erasing pimples one patch at a time.

For more information, ask about hydrocolloid patches at your next appointment. We have some in stock! You can buy MedSkin Essentials Hydrocolloid patches HERE.

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