The Facts: Medical Grade Skincare

Most of us started our skin care journey once we reached a certain age and our skin started to change. Our parents took us to the facewash aisle of the grocery or drug store and helped us pick a face wash and possibly a moisturizer to help clear our complexion. It was almost a right of passage! Some of us are still heading to the same aisle in Target or CVS, or ordering from Amazon, to grab our skin care products. While the convenience is undeniable, their effectiveness… well, it’s subpar. Over-the-counter skin care products have fantastic marketing teams that promise certain results. While they might eventually accomplish those goals, it will take a lot more product and a lot more time to achieve results. At MedSkinEssentials we only promote medical grade, professional skin care products. Let’s talk about why you should switch out your over-the-counter products for a medical grade skin care regimen, and what sets medical grade skin care products apart from the rest.

What makes a skin care product medical grade?

To be classified as “Medical” or “Pharmaceutical” grade, the products must contain ingredients that are 99% pure, per FDA regulations. Over-the-counter products often contain fillers that dilute the product and its effectiveness. Over-the-counter products are designed for the general population, and while they claim to address specific skin needs, legally they are not able to include enough of the active ingredients to make a dramatic difference. Medical grade products have more of each active ingredient, such as retinoids, vitamin C, antioxidants etc. For example: the FDA limits the over-the-counter concentration of hydroquinone (a product used to lighten hyperpigmentation) to 2%, but in pharmaceutical skin care it is used in concentrations up to 8%. Because they have a higher concentration of active ingredients, medical grade skin care products are more effective, and you won’t need to use as much product to achieve great results.

Why else are medical grade skin care products better than over the counter products?

Over the counter products are designed to work only on the epidermis, the outer most layer of your skin. Pharmaceutical grade skin care products are formulated to penetrate much deeper into the skin, to the dermis layer, where they can positively impact the collagen scaffold and other cells. The products’ ability to absorb into deep layers of skin produces better and longer lasting results.

I’m ready to start a medical grade skin care regimen. Where can I get my own products?

Medical Grade skin care must be prescribed by a medical professional. Your provider will be able to analyze your skin and develop a skin care regimen specifically for you, finding the most efficient way to your skin goals. You can be confident that the products you purchase are going to do what you want them to. There is no guesswork in choosing the right products; a professional will choose them for you. The trial and error of choosing your own products is eliminated and will save you time and money in the long run; you’ll get the right products the first time.

While many people find that over-the-counter beauty products work “just fine,” medical grade skin care products are more effective, targeted to address your exact concerns, and they achieve results faster. Call our office or book an appointment online for a skin care consultation. Our passionate and licensed professionals look forward to taking care of your skin and helping you achieve your skin care goals.

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