Hyaluron Pens: Not Worth the Risk!

While we all love a good DIY, especially when it comes to skin care and beauty hacks, there are some things that should always be left up to the professionals. Currently the hyaluron pen is being marketed online as a “painless” and “innovative” new way to get your dermal fillers, specifically in your lips, at home. But this is one DIY you should definitely skip...

What is a hyaluron pen?

A hyaluron pen is a medical device called a jet injector that was originally intended to be used to inject medications, such as insulin, into the skin without the use of needles. It creates external pressure on the tissue to push the medication into the subcutaneous tissue. The hyaluron pen was intended to provide a less painful form of medication delivery for those patients who must endure multiple injections in a day. Sounds great, right? Until individuals started getting “creative” and using hyaluron pens to inject other solutions… like dermal fillers.

Because it uses pressurized air to deliver the drug, it is extremely difficult to control how much drug is delivered and where exactly it is inserted. And in some cases, the air pressure is not enough to push the filler past the superficial layer of the lip and the hyaluronic acid is injected into the wrong area… the results are not pretty.

Is the hyaluron pen safe?

In short, NO! Anytime a medical device is used in a way other than for what it was designed, it is no longer safe. Unless needle-free injection devices are being used to deliver diabetic medications and are being used under the care of a doctor, they're not safe. In fact, using hyaluron pens to inject dermal fillers is so unsafe, that the FDA issued a specific warning against the use of needle-free devices with dermal fillers. The FDA has NOT approved any dermal fillers for over-the-counter sale, at-home use, or for use with hyaluron pens. The risks are too great.

So, what are the risks of hyaluron pens?

Potential risks of using hyaluron pens with dermal fillers include:

· Abscesses

· Bacterial infections

· Fungal infections

· Inflammatory reactions to the skin

· Permanent skin damage

· Permanent skin necrosis

· Permanent discoloration

· Severe Swelling

· Severe Bruising

· Extended Lumpiness

DIY lip filler is not worth the risk. Sure, it may seem like a quicker, easier, cheaper way to achieve the look you want, but in this case it is more than just “you get what you pay for,” you will likely lose a lot too. The only way you should ever receive a dermal filler is through injection by a licensed medical professional. There are no exceptions! You are worth the extra time, money, safety, and care that comes with a professional service.

Professional Dermal Fillers

If you are interested in lip fillers, please call our office with any questions or book an appointment at one of our locations. Because every individual is different, with different body composition, needs, and wants, and every dermal filler is slightly different, we have a consultation prior to any injection to discuss your goals. Our licensed providers will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will achieve the results you want.

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