The Facts: Micro-Botox

Botulinum toxin, or Botox, has become a common treatment within the beauty and medical industries over the past 25 years. It has many uses that the general public is aware of including the treatment of dynamic wrinkles and the treatment of chronic migraines. Botox is basically a muscle relaxer; the muscle activity that causes the dynamic wrinkles in your face stops.

What is Micro-Botox?

Micro-botox, also known as intradermal Botox and baby Botox, uses the neuromodulator in a different way than most of us are familiar with. Instead of an injection, like your standard Botox injection, Micro-Botox is a micro-needling infusion treatment.

Micro-needling is a cosmetic treatment often used to reduce the signs of aging and the visibility of scars by stimulating collagen production. A device called a micro-needling pen is used to prick the skin with microneedles, creating hundreds of tiny holes in the skin! The tiny pricks do two things:

1)    The microneedle pricks send your skin into healing mode, which then generates fresh collagen and elasticity during the healing process.

2)    The little holes from the needles create channels into your skin that allow products and solutions (like Micro-Botox!) to penetrate deeper into your skin, delivering a more powerful result.

How does Micro-Botox work?

Through the microneedling procedure, a diluted botox solution is applied to your skin and penetrates into the dermis layer and into the interface between the dermis and the outermost layer of facial muscles. Within those layers of skin, micro-botox targets your sweat glands and sebaceous glands (glands that secrete oils and can contribute to breakouts) and causes them to shrink. It also shrinks the pores themselves! Less sweat and oil means improvement in texture, less acne, and fewer clogged pores.

Who is a good candidate for Micro-Botox?

Almost every adult is a good candidate for this procedure, but we recommend a consultation to determine if it will help with your issues. Our providers work with each individual patient to achieve their desired results; every patient is unique.

How long does Micro-Botox last?

Micro-Botox treatments give results right away and can last for several months. Micro-Botox is also a great team player and can offer even better results when paired with another treatment, such as dermal fillers or PRP.

So, how do I make an appointment?

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