Silk Pillowcases: Skincare So Easy You Can Do it in Your Sleep!

Most of us are sleeping on cotton or cotton-blend pillowcases, without giving it a second thought. They are the most common pillowcase, easy to find, and easy to take care of. But did you know that your everyday cotton pillowcase can have a negative impact on your skin? We recommend upgrading your sleep experience and investing in a silk pillowcase.

One advantage of silk pillowcases over cotton is the smooth texture of the weave. Silk fibers are softer, more malleable and have a smoother texture than cotton fibers. That means less friction against the delicate skin cells of our faces while we sleep. Unless you sleep all night on your back, your face is in prolonged contact with the fabric surface of your pillowcase. During your sleep, the cells of the skin on your face rub and press against the cells of the fabric making up your pillowcase for hours at a time, and can even cause creases, and sleep lines. Over time those temporary sleep lines can become permanent wrinkles! More friction means more wrinkles. Silk sheets are smoother and create less friction against the delicate skin cells of your face, protecting your face from early signs of aging.

In addition to wrinkle prevention, silk pillowcases can help you maintain a clear and untroubled complexion.  Cotton, in addition to being a brittle fiber, is very absorbent. Oils in your skin and hair, plus any hair products that you may be using, can remain on the surface of your pillowcase for days and will be transferred (and reintroduced day after day, with any accumulated bacteria) to the skin on your face. Bacteria, oils, dead skin cells, and other surface debris (all of which collect in a cotton pillowcase) are the main causes of acne, and many hair products contain perfumes that are not safe for your skin and silicone, which enlarges pores and binds with acne-causing impurities, making acne even worse!

The third, tremendous advantage to silk pillowcases is that many people find the lovely, smooth texture and lack of friction with a silk pillowcase allowing them to sleep more deeply and awaken more refreshed. A good night’s sleep is one of the best beauty treatments you can give yourself, not to mention all the added health benefits of a full night’s sleep. We all need our beauty rest.

Using a silk pillowcase is a no-effort step toward beautiful skin and well-being but be careful where you purchase your silk pillowcases. Many sources online will promise silk or “silky” pillowcases, but they are not actually made of silk, or they may only be a blend. You want to buy your pillowcases from a trusted source. For easy shopping, check out our MedSkinEssentials silk pillowcase. As always, don’t hesitate to call our office with any questions.

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